Chapter 5 - Reflections (Part 2)

An unexpected trip to Flamekeep leads to strange occourances before setting out on the next Jump.

Rude Awakening

After more than a week at sea, the comfort of stable footing and steady horizon lines was a great relief to the group. Once again, their travel across Thunder Sea afforded them some time to ponder the tasks that lie before them. As the ship came to rest in the busy harbor of Sharn, a flock of ships clerks were working in tandem with city watchmen to carefully inspect all travel documents and letters of marque. Ships manifestos were compared with thorough visual and verbal conformations. The group proceeded through the check point, there was a careful inspection of all their documents. They moved on to the customs cargo area. After their crates were inspected and the statues accounted for the group made arrangements to have them delivered via porters to Vundry’s shop.

Food and strong drink were next on the list of items. After their voracious appetites had been sated, the group went on to their own various errands. Glorian set out with Anemone and Selwyn to antagonize a few members of the Deathsgate Explorers Guild into a street brawl. Glorian gave a valiant effort, even going so far as to unleash a stream of urine upon the wall of the guild whilst standing directly adjacent to a junior guild member that was paralyzed with fear from Glorian’s mastery of the fine art of intimidation.

Frost took a trip via sky coach to once again visit with his mentor, Ranger Brad. Frost was eagerly anticipating news from Brad as to the movements of his uncle. The thought of gaining vengeance against Delmarong for his crimes moved closer to the forefront of his mind as Frost drew ever closer to pin pointing his uncle’s location.

Brad opened the door, Frost quickly strode in. After the obligatory pleasantries and friendly banter, Frost pushed to the crux of the conversation. He asked about the location of his uncle.

“I have some reports,” began Ranger Brad as he looked down at his feet for a moment, “that are lacking it what I would call solid information. They do however point to the fact that Delmarong has been headed west towards Moonwatch. Presumably to some how cash in on the finacial matter that we had discussed in our last visit. I don’t know the nature of your mother’s transaction but you should be cautious.”

Frost simply nodded and then moved on to telling Brad about the strange shift that they had experienced and how House Philarn was being marginalized in Stormreach. He went on to plant the idea that Stormreach was in fact, ripe for an uprising. Brad needed only to nod and Frost knew his point had been made.

The group gravitated together as it came time to sleep. They found lodging at the Adventurer’s guild. The beds were more comfortable than they remembered them, though that may have simply been because they were not in a constant battle with the swells of the sea. Everyone, save Shim, fell promptly to sleep.

It was just after sun up that there came a booming knock on Sera’s door. Sera came to the door expecting to find a surly Glorian but, she was instead confronted with a troupe of four members of The Silver Flame.



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