A Powerful Quarat type Inevitable


Illiat is a powerful mechanical entrusted as a protector of time. The party first encountered him in Daanvi on their initial trip through the Occularum. He was introduced to the party through the Kolyarut, Son’omon. The creature seemed to form from nothingness. The air shifted and in a flash of green light a small jumble of shimmering metal grew and formed into a humanoid shape. The head that grew was a mesh of metal, gold or brass in color, that formed around a glowing green hourglass. The sands of this hourglass seemed to rise rather than fall. He had apertures in place of his eyes however, his left aperture seemed to be missing its lens.

The party convinced Illiat to aid them in bringing the Stormlord Omaren to Justice. In return the party vowed never to return to Daanvi again. It seemed that Illiat had failed to meet his end of the bargain as the party confronted the Stormlord. He sent his troops, though later than expected, and they apprehended Omaren and destroyed her main casting forge.


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