Othor Darkheart of Clan Charix

The blood thirsty chieftain of Clan Charix


Class: Dragon Totem Barbarian 9/ Frenzied Berserker 3 Lvl: 12
Alignment: CE

  • Basic Statistics
Size Age Race Gender Height Weight Eyes Hair Skin Discerning Marks
M 42 Shifter M 5’0" Weight Black Brown with strands of grey Furry Scars from countless battles
Ability Mod HP: 107 Speed: 30
Str: 17 3 AC: 22 Touch: 10
Dex: 12 1 Inish: +0 Flat Footed: 10
Con: 14 2
Int: 6 -2
Wis: 13 1
Chr: 10 0
Base Atk: +16/11/6 Grapple: +19
Save Base A. Mod M. Mod Misc
Fort: +10 +B +A Ma Mi
Ref: +6 +B +A Ma Mi
Will: +2 +B +A Ma -3
Weapons Atk Bonus Damage Crit Range Type Notes
Blade of Darkness 19/14/9 2d8+3 x3 N/A T Bestow either ability drain or negative levels
Shift Rage 22/18/14 2d8+6 Crit N/A T N/A
Shift Rage Frenzy 25/21/18 2d8+9 Crit N/A T N/A
Weapon 4 Atk Dmg Crit N/A T N/A
Weapon 5 Atk Dmg Crit N/A T N/A
Armor Type AC Bonus Max Dex Check Spell Fail Speed Weight Special Properties
Breastplate +3 M AC Dex Check Spell Speed Weight Properties
Protective Item AC Bonus Weight Special
Amulet of Armor +2 N/A N/A
Protective Item AC Bonus Weight Special
Item AC N/A N/A

Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Full Blade
Power Attack
Destructive Rage
Intimidating Rage
Chaotic Rage
Flaws-Weak Will, Unobservant

Special Abilities / Class Features
Greater Rage 4/day
Frightening Presence (DC 14)
Frenzy 2/day
Supreme Cleave


Othor Darkheart of Clan Charix

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