A colorful trickster who is searching for his parents, down whatever path that may lead him


How do you keep from getting lost in the Twilight Demesne? You never have a destination in the first place!

Growing up next to the Faerie Court, the phrase “You never know what the next day will bring,” is not an optimistic metaphor, its fact. Somedays he would wake in and the town he lived in would be swallowed up by deep jungle, others there would a great castle with gleaning towers of the finest crystal, and others it would just be a simple thicket. Great men and women from far off lands would sometimes come to seek advice from the fey, and you would never know what would wander out of Thelanis at anytime.

The only constant in Puck’s life growing up where his friends. After his own parents never returned from their trip into the Faerie Court, he ended up living with a beastskin shifter named Willow and her daughter Anemone. The two became inseparable, with Puck getting them into trouble and Anemone having bail him out. Living in such a wild, chaotic environment the two of them knew they had each other. They made him forget the loss he felt with out his parents, or the unearthly pull he felt coming from the Faerie Court.

Until one day a message whisked Anemone off to Xen’drik. Soon he found himself dreaming of Thelanis, of the wonders of other worlds, and most of all his parents. With out knowing it, he walking into the heart of the Twilight Demense and found himself standing before the Faerie Court. There he found dryads, sayters, and all manner of fey alongside elves and humans dancing crazed dances that while they where not in beat with the music, they all where in sync with each other.

In the middle of all this madness drifted a man great butterfly wings, wearing a full plate that crackled with lightning and a sword that danced about fighting unseen foes. When he caught Puck staring at him, he floated over in a dignified manner, sword in tow slashing at the air, and asked him “What do you want in life?” airily, as if they were talking about the weather.

What Puck wanted to say “gold” or “adventure” or “truth,” but what came tumbling out his mouth was “wonder.” With a mischievous look in his eye and grasped Puck by the shoulder and said, “I think we can manage that!”

And off they went…


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