Titania Planestrider

A legendary warrior in service to the Faerie Court


Class: Scout 8/ Ranger 6 Lvl: 14
Alignment: CG

  • Basic Statistics
M 30 Shifter Female 5’1 90 Brown Silver Furry Scars from many battles across many planes
M Yrs Race Sex Height Weight Eye Hair Skin Marks
Ability Mod HP: 72 Speed: 40
Str: 8 -1 AC: 21 Touch: 16
Dex: 20 5 Inish: +6 Flat Footed: 16
Con: 14 2
Int: 10 0
Wis: 17 3
Chr: 8 -1
Base Atk: +12 Grapple: +11
Save Base A. Mod M. Mod Misc
Fort: +9 +7 +2 Ma Mi
Ref: +16 +11 +5 Ma Mi
Will: +7 +4 +3 Ma Mi
Weapons Atk Bonus Damage Crit Range Type Notes
Longbow (Domineering) 17,6,1 1d8+2 x3 100 P Stuns target for 1 min
Short Sword (Wounding) 11,1 1d6+1 19/20 x2 5 S/P Deal 1 point of Con damage
Weapon 3 Atk Dmg Crit N/A T N/A
Weapon 4 Atk Dmg Crit N/A T N/A
Weapon 5 Atk Dmg Crit N/A T N/A
Studded Leather Armor +2 light +5 +5 -1 15% 30 20 Special Properties
Armor Type AC Dex Check Spell Speed Weight Properties
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 +1 Weight Special
Item AC N/A N/A
Gloves of Dexterity AC Bonus Weight Special
Item AC N/A N/A

Longstrider (+2 DEX +10 Movement)
Rapid Shot
Many Shot
Swift Hunter
Improved Skirmish
Shot on the Run
Point Blank Shot


Special Abilities / Class Features
Favored Enemy- Aberrations
Favored Enemy- Outsiders-Evil
Favored Enemy- Undead
Skirmish (4d6, +3 AC)
Battle Fort +1
Trap Finding
Fast Movement (
Trackless Step
Flawless Movement
Wild Empathy
Celestail Aninmal Comp
Woodland Stride

Peraph of Wisdom


Once, Titania was a simple archer for a small clan in the Eldeen Reaches. While the War of the Five Nations raged on, she cared little for the goings on outside of her home. On occasion battles between the competing powers would spill into the Reaches, but the wild did not take sides. Any and all invaders were repelled. There, Titania had a happy home with a loving husband and two little cubs. Often they had to fight off Audarian and Brelish encroachments, magical beasts, rival clans, and the other hazards of living in uncivilized lands, they had a happy life. Though the clan could not be beaten by strength of arms, it took an act of kindness to destroy them.

War is a terrible thing, even in the wild. It tends to make broken men on all sides. Word got around the Reaches about a great healer of the mind who led his followers back “onto the illuminated path.” He took no sides and would heal as many men as he could regardless of race, rank, or titles and forsook his own name and took the title “Borloc” until all the minds broken by the war were healed. He would travel unarmed in an time where even Greenheart, the city where the Great Druid Oalian lived, became dark and dangerous. The men he healed gave up all of there political bickering and joined him in his travels.

As thanks for healing the chieftain’s son, the healer and his disciples where permitted to stay and enjoy a festival in honor of the Clan’s founding. Local fey had joined in the celebrations and the grand party raged from dusk until dawn. In fact, the party got so out of hand that Titania and a few other had to travel a near by settlement and get more wine. What they found would haunt them until their last days.

It turns out that the healer was not leading his follower on the “illuminated path” but rather the “Illithid path.” He was a mindflayer who was taking advantage of chaos and madness of the War of Five Nations, mind-seeding unexpecting veterans and slowly building his own power base. At the feast with the whole clan blackout drunk, he took the opportunity to gorge himself. Men, women, and children were all slaughtered, with their heads split open and brains torn out. Not even the fey in attendance could escape.

Titania swore an oath that day to the Nine and the Six that she would kill Borloc or die trying. Thankfully, she found some help. By killing the local fey at the celebration, the mindflayer had earned the wrath of the Faerie Court. Greensingers and Planar Shepherds poured out of the Twilight Desmesne, wielding great and terrible magic. Soon, Borloc’s forces were quickly routed, but the fiend vanished in the middle of the battle. Titania swore herself to Thelanis if they help her get revenge. The Faerie Court was all to happy to oblige.

Titania followed her prey across the planes of existence and getting into numerous adventures, chasing Borloc from Fernia the Sea of Fire to Risa the Plain of Ice, from Irain the Eternal Day to Mabar the Eternal Night, each of them leading armies on Shavarath the Battleground and finally driving a byshk knife deep into his heart and ate it in front of him.

With her nemesis dead, Titania now spends her days training younger members of the Greensingers and protecting them from the evils that would threatened Thelanis.

Titania Planestrider

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