AARP - Amplified Alchemical Receptical Propeller

A large brass gun with a revolving chamber.

weapon (ranged)

Wonderous Magic Weapon

Price (Item Level): 80,000gp atm (?)
Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: < or = (the person that made it.)
Aura: varies based on number of dragonshards from moderate to HOT DAMN!

The A.A.R.P. is a handheld cannon with a six shot revolving chamber. Byshek circuits lace the entire device forming numerous nodes still not fully understood. One such node sits on the very bottom of the trigger grip where an Eberron shard has been attached.

Because of its complexity, activating the device requires the user to have 8+ ranks in Use Magic Device, or be able to cast Arcane spells. A caster must expend a number of spells whose total level is equal to 1 + the total number of shards being activated. The user then makes a ranged attack to place the shell being fired. The user may full attack with the A.A.R.P. launching a number of shells equal to the number of attacks s/he has.

When activating the A.A.R.P. with Use Magic Device you must make one or more skill checks. The initial activation is DC 10. Activating dragonshards in conjunction with the attack requires additional UMD checks. Eberron shards, storing meta magic abilities, require a DC = 14+1/shard. Siberys shards have a DC = 16+2/shard. If you possess the power being activated from the shard by the associated dragonmark, then the DC is not raised. Failure results in the non-activation of the given type of dragon shard. Failure of 10 or more results in the loss of 1d4+1 charges from each shard. Critical failure may result in all of the shards of that type exploding doing 5d6 damage in a 20ft radius burst. Reflex for half. The user cannot avoid the damage.

Possessing the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearm) feat can reduce the spell level or DC by 4.

Creation Prerequisites A.A.R.P.: Craft Arms and Armor, Craft Wonderous Item, Launch Item 40,000gp; 3200xp; 80 days; CL ?.

Creation Prerequisites Ammo: Craft Wonderous Item, Spell varies (treat like 1 charge from a wand, and kinda go nuts.) CL Varies.


AARP - Amplified Alchemical Receptical Propeller

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