A complex array of lenses and mechanized arms used to scry into the future and open gates to new realms.


The Birth of the Ocularum

There are secrets of the nature of our existence all around us but, the right tools are needed to measure and decipher their meanings."

– Solaruun, when asked why he wanted to create the Ocularum

The Ocularum requires a high vantage point from which to focus the light of all the moons of Eberron. The light from the moons is reflected from outside into a series of lenses that can be shifted in position via a network of mechanized armatures. The entire device sits upon a platform that can rotate a full 360 degrees. The device requires some sort of arcane power source to allow it to function and move.

The device was crafted by Solaruun, an action that caused him to loose his high standing as a gifted teacher of the School of magic known as “divination magic” in both the lecture halls of Moregrave, and the learned symposiums in Arcanix. Many of Solaruun’s peers believed that the device that he had spent a lifetime planning and building drove him to a point of delusion. Solaruun spent a large majority of his life’s savings to craft the various components of the machine and after its completion, began to spout claims of the machine’s ability to aid in the predictive power of his scrying pool. His divinations were dismissed by all his colleagues as the rantings of an old, mad wizard. After loosing his tenure at both institutions, Solaruun sought out a place with clear skies and an unobstructed view of the moons. His research lead him to Stormreach. He converted an old boat into a crude housing for his device and set about seeking truth of what was to be in the future of Eberron.

From the depths of the jungle and beyond…

Since the party have begun to interact with the machine and learn more about it, they have gathered the following information about the divice:

  • The Ocularum was originally belived to be a totally unique device crafted by Soloruun. A Quarat from Daanvi however, made a claim that there are several of these devices across the many planes of existence.
  • The device can be used to activate a “key” that the party recovered from a boat house owned by Paula Omarion, a Storm Lord of the city of Stormreach. That key also requires a six digit set of “coordinates” to properly align the lenses.


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