Personal Wealth

A set of ledgers tracking Sera Kaylee Edison d’Cannith’s income and debts. Income will include adventuring, item creation. There will also be separate ledgers for what moves through her bank accounts, and safe deposit box’s.

On Person

Type Amount
Wealth on Person 2892gp; 21sp; 10cp
Cash 842gp; 21sp; 09cp
Magic Items 2050gp
Mundane Items ~900?
Notes XXXX

Personal Bank Account

Date Amount Type Source
3/2/998 210 Cash Start
4/2x/998 +1500gp Cash Grandfather (Loan)
4/2x/998 ? Cash Boat fair to Sharn
5/2x/998 -1325gp Cash Mr. Snuggles
6/6/998 +6000gp Cash Glorian (Items)
6/8/998 -3833gp Cash Item Creation (Glorian)
6/17/998 -1300gp Cash Butterknife
6/18/998 -410gp Cash Material Components
Total 842gp

Business Bank Account

Date Amount Type
3/2/998 XXXX cash

Safe Deposit Box

Item Type
Thing 1 Personal
Thing 2 Business



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