New Worlds Await…

The Multiverse is a vast and diverse system of various planes of existence. The Prime Material Plane, The Plane of Shadow, and The Ethereal Plane form a nucleus around which the other thirteen planes of existence orbit.

The phenomena of the multiverse and its planes are understood primarily as they were at the end of “The Last War,” circa 998YK, although the meddling of our band of adventurers has already begun to change a multitude of things across several of the planes. This Document is to track the general knowledge of the planes that the group has and monitor the changes that they have made.

It may be helpful to reference this Online Orary.

Daanvi - The Perfect Order

Orderly fields where formians tend ideal crops, regimented garrisons of disciplined soldiers, and peaceful communities where law reigns supreme manifest throughout the plane of The Perfect Order. Daanvi is a place where all things live in harmony born of order.

  • The group discovered that Daanvi is home to the Inevitables, a race of advanced warforged type creatures. Among the ranks of the Inevitables are several very powerful figures:
    • Son’omon, Trusted in maintaining the order of Daanvi.
    • Illiat, The Quarat, The Timekeeper.
  • The group inadvertently introduced Lady Omaren into the realm of Daanvi and as a result she has gleaned information into what makes the Inevitable, well inevitable.
    • During her second visit, albeit in a new incarnation, Omaren witnessed the Quarat’s Golden Cube.
  • The group restored Illiat’s eye and forced him to eject Omaren as well as reconstruct himself into a new form.


Thelanis - The Faerie Court

Physically similar to both Eberron and Lamannia, Thelanis is a realm of rugged natural beauty – primarily lush forests and crystal-clear waters. Among the trees rise shadowy spires of enchanting beauty, surrounded by mesmerizing lights that look like dancing lanterns. Phosphorescence gleams on plants and stones, lighting the eternal twilight of the plane, while a multitude of stars twinkle in the sky.

  • The group learned that their actions here will directly affect the way in which magic will work in the new cosm they will create.
  • The groups first entry into Thelanis introduced them to Puck, an old friend of Anemone.
    • Puck let them know that Grimm, who had a hand in the corruption of Anemone’s father, had brought his vile presence to this plane and corrupted it. It was his am to alter the path of the natural magic that flows from Thelanis.
    • Grimm’s presence led to the Terrasque being awakened to protect the Tower of Natural Magic.
    • Grimm also turned several of the inhabitants into Bonedrinkers.
    • Results of this acrion chain have yet to be discovered


Syrania - The Azure Sky

Crystalline cities float m Syrania’s endless expanse of clear blue sky. their spires glittering in the ambient radiance of its perfect atmosphere. These cities, each ruled by a solar, are the homes of the angels. Angels are the only known inhabitants of this plane and – though little is known of Syrania – it seems to be a nearly perfect paradise.

  • The group visited Syrania as a part of their second jump. Their goal was to activate the Tower of the Champion of Light.
    • The Solar put Glorian up against a series of moral dilemmas to prove his worthiness.
    • Glorian passed these trials and was awarded the Moral Compass.
    • Results of this action chain have yet to be discovered.


Shavarath - The Battleground

Three great armies mass eternally on the barren plains of Shavarath: a celestial host of archons, an infernal regiment of devils. and a swarming horde of demons. Warfare defines all aspects of their existence. Alliances come and go – usually involving the devils allying with one or the other of their enemies and then breaking the alliance when the situation changes to their advantage – but the warfare never ends. Slain soldiers eventually return, usually in a lower form, but the arm1es of the three forces remain forever in a rough balance.

Fortresses dot the landscape of Shavarath. each one locked in a great siege. Every fortress eventually falls, and they all shift hands many times before finally being reduced to rubble. As one collapses, a new one is built to replace it. Beyond these fortresses, the rocky and barren landscape stretches in all directions, sporadically accentuated by low hills – the only distinguishable terrain anywhere on the plane.

  • The group came to Shavarath as a part of their Second Jump with the intent to activate the Tower of Thought.
  • A war was waging on between Archons, Devils, and Demons across the plane. The group decided to assist the Archons in taking back the Tower of Thought from a powerful Balor who had made it his new home.
    • In efforts to curtail the impact that they would have upon the plane, the group decided to use a more diplomatic approach to bypass a frontal assault on the Demons’ front lines. This effort lead to them striking a bargain with a group of Devils.
    • The group was able to over come the Balor and saw a strange device, made of 12 nodes that formed a tetrahedron within a cube. This was believed to be a power source of some sort.
    • The Traveler revealed that who ever stood in the Tower of Thought would “have all the knowledge of the planes”. Shim jumped at the opportunity to acquire so much information.
    • Results of this action chain have yet to be discovered.


Risia - The Plain of Ice

A blizzard above a field of blowing snow that covers an inftnite glacier, Risia consists of layer upon layer of cold and ice. Though mountains break the surface of the plain here and there they are formed of solid ice, not stone. Lakes and streams mark the landscape, but they are not made of water – they are places where the air itself has congealed to a frigid liquid deadly to the touch. The atmosphere of Risia freezes the eyes and lungs, the wind steals breath, and the snow buries and entombs all things.


Fernia - The Sea of Fire

Flame covers everything on Fernia, the Sea of Fire. The ground is nothing more than great, ever-shifting plates of compressed flame. ash, and debris. The air ripples with the heat of continual firestorms. Oceans of liquid flame ebb and flow, and mountains ooze with molten lava. Fire rages, with no need for fuel or air, across this continually burning landscape.


Mabar - The Endless Night

Utter blackness where no light shines fill, the plane of Mabar, the Endless night. The starless night lasts forever, it’s gloom never diminishing in the least. The darkness generally devours the life of visitors to this plane, extinguishing every spark of light that dare intrude upon the
Endless Night.

  • The group was able to activate the Dark Tower which led to a strong flux of positive and negative Energons, between Irian and Mabar.
  • The pattern of the first jump led to Mabar being thrust into the outer orbits of the multiverse.
    • Results of this action have yet to be witnessed


Lamannia - The Twilight Forest

Lamannia, the Twilight Forest, is a realm of raw and wild nature unbounded, untouched by civilization. Despite the plane’s name, the forests that stretch in all directions are not its only terrain feature – majestic mountains, wide grasslands, sultry swamps, rolling hills. and even deserts and tundras make up the vibrant biosphere of Lamannia. All kinds of plants, animals, magical beasts, and bestial outsiders are found in the Twilight Forest, as well as air, earth, and water elementals. Lycanthropes, too-rare on Eberron are common in Lamannia, since many fled to the plane during the crusade that nearly exterminated them from Khorvaire.

  • The group, through haste and fear of not being able to complete their jump, accidentally brought the whole of Lumi Civilization to Lammania.
    • The Lumi took up arms against the creatures of Lammania, whom they viewed as vile creatures with no moral code.
    • Several tribes of Were-creatures were made aware of the party’s hand in this and became sworn enemies of the group.
    • Results of this action chain have yet to be witnessed.
  • The pattern of the first jump led to Lammania being pushed to the outer orbits of the multiverse.
    • Results of this action chain have yet to be witnessed.


Kythri - The Churning Chaos

A boiling soup of land, water, air, protoplasmic ooze. fire, magma, hissing steam, smoke, dust, ice, blinding light, pitch darkness, acid, flashing lightning, cacophonous sound, and seemingly every other substance and energy found in the universe fills the plane of Kythri. Every part of the plane constantly changes. A creature, native or just visiting, can sometimes exert enough will to hold a location constant and stable-for a short time.

*The group activated the Chaos Tower Occularum.

  • The pattern of the first jump led to Kithry being drawn to an almost co-terminus state with the prime material plane.
    • Results of this action have yet to be witnessed


Irian - The Eternal Day

On Irian, a brilliant white sun hangs in the center of a crystalline sky, bathing the radiant landscape below in shadowless light. Forests of crystalline growths, mountains of pure quartz, rivers of liquid glass, and sun-bleached deserts of pure white sand define the landscape of this plane. Irian is awash in positive energy – not intense enough to harm life, but sufficient to encourage and sustain life in a variety of unusual forms. Creatures of light and life make their home here, but they are not necessarily creatures of good.

  • Irian was a stop in the first series of jumps. The goal was to actiavate the tower of light.
    • The group was interrogated by Eldarin, a Lumi Elder. After being evaluated as “A group with an acceptable amount of Lawful Intent,” the group was set out to test their commitment by ridding a former Lumi ruin of strange creatures called Ravid.
    • The group held a bit of distain with the idea of helping the Lumi by destroying an entire race of creatures. They instead decided to bargain with the Ravid and get them to temporarily vacate the ruins. They promised to deactivate the protective array that the Lumi had set up in exchange for the Ravid’s cooperation.
    • The results of this action have yet to be witnessed.
  • The Group chose to allow Viva Nox to be “sacrificed to the light” in order to gain the trust of the Lumi.
    • Viva survived this experience by using the dark vapor, leading the Lumi to believe that she had some divine qualities.
      • The results of this action have yet to be witnessed.
  • The Light Tower Occularum was activated by the group.
    • The result of this led to the entire population, and cities, of Lumi to be transported along with the group to Lammania.
      • The results of this action have yet to be witnessed however, the group can speculate (thanks to their peer into the future of Irian) that the array was shut down and the cities of the Lumi were ravaged by Ravids.
  • The pattern of the first jump led to Irian being thrust into the outer orbits of the multiverse.
    • Results of this action have yet to be witnessed


Dolurrh - The Realm of the Dead

A place of hopelessness, eternal despair, and consuming apathy. Dolurrh is the realm where mortal souls go after death. It is not a reward. It is not a punishment. It just is.


Dal Quor - The Region of Dreams

When mortals dream, they psychically project their minds to Dal Quor, the plane where dreams play out. Dal Quor is ringed with dreamscapes – small, temporary envelopes of pseudoreality where dreamers live their dreams for a short time. Within the ring, however, exists an entirely different world. Magnificent domed cities called up from the formless void of dreamstuff spread across the inside of the ring of dreamscapes, allowing the quori who live there easy access to their food supply-the psychic energy of dreaming mortals. Beyond the cities of the quori, a roiling boil of dream-born landscapes melt, burn, grow, and dissolve without any rhyme or reason. Tales persist of a calm eye at the center of this storm, but they are most likely figments of some half-remembered dream.


Xoriat - The Realm of Madness

Beyond description or comprehension, Xoriat is aptly called the Realm of Madness. Not only do its alien geometry and unspeakable inhabitants seem like the product of a madman’s nightmare. but any who visit Xoriat risk having their minds shattered by the experience.

Xoriat has been likened to a stack of translucent parchment, an apparently infinite connection of layers and dimensions. Its inhabitants exist on multiple layers simultaneously. Massive, drifting entities too large to notice visitors to the plane; free-floating rivers of milk-white liquid; rains of blue globes falling from unseen heights, only to burst and release horse-sized ticks when they strike another object – such are the madness-inducing features of Xoriat. Gelatinous worms wriggle from layer to layer, winding through tentacled vegetation encrusted with orange moss. all suspended above an amoebic sea. Over this mad realm the daelkyr are absolute masters.

Like Dal Quor, Xoriat’s last time of being coterminous to the Material Plane was a disastrous period of warfare. Over nine thousand years ago, Xoriat became coterminous, and the daelkyr sent their minions into Khorvaire to conquer it. Before the orc and hobgoblin druids known as the Gatekeepers managed to alter Xoriat’s orbit. The mind flayers and lesser minions of the daelkyr had decimated the hobgoblin Empire of Dhakaan. The Gatekeepers’ magic was less cataclysmic than the giants’ attempt to close the connection to Dal Quor, however; Xoriat moved quickly away from its coterminous position but is sure to return one day.



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