shading it in hues of things to come…

Solaruun peered deep into the reflecting pool of his top floor observatory. The pool of tranquil water was illuminated by a beam of light that was cast down like a mighty pillar from the strange contraption that whirred over head.

The device was a polished brass network of strange arms that held in them several lenses. Each lens moved independantly to align with the moonlight that peeked in to the dusty attic observatory. Each beam of moonlight seemed to grow in intensity with each lens that it passed though. Each perfectly polished lens shimmered as the light was focused through it. The light bent through the network of concave and convex discs, gradually focusing in the center of the reflecting pool.

The water began to shimmer, the lenses cast down a series of dots representing each of the visable moons in the sky. Solaruun’s aged fingers quickly guided a piece of graphite across a page, taking down measurements and flinging minute pieces of graphite on the page creating a starry pattern of black dots on the pages surface.

After several minutes of taking down notes on the arrangement of the lunar reflections, in the pool he rubbed his balding head with his hand, leaving a black smudge of graphite across his head. After a heavy sigh, Solaruun folded the sheet of parchment in half and tucked it in his belt. He moved to two heavy switches that he proceeded to flip in to their off position. The gears of the Occularum slowed and finally came to a halt. With the noise of the machine silenced, the sounds of the jungle outside crept in.

Solaruun clamored down the hatch way leading back in to his home. The short climb down left the old man winded and beaded with sweat. A large drop rolled down his forehead, streaking the smudge of graphite down the side of his face. Using his sleeve he proceeded to smear it further across his head. Even after the several months he had been in Xen’Drik, he had not yet adjusted to the unbearable heat that even permeated the deepest nights. The occasional rain gave temporary respite from the heat but, only meant that the morning would be hot and thick with humidity.

At his breakfast nook he took the notes from his pocket and placed them on the table. His table was covered with books stacked upon books. Some were opened to marked pages, others were filled with sheets of loose parchment through out. These were just the beginning of the dusty array of tomes that filled the whole of Solaruun’s ground floor. Tapestries, leather scroll cases, marble slabs with strange glyphs, and ancient looking maps were littered through out the mass of books. Solaruun found a small stack of books and begin to reference a series of charts. After some time he looked up, closed the books and got up to collect five sheets of parchment, a fresh quill, and an inkwell. He began to address the first of five letters that he would write that evening, five letters that would change the course of their recipients lives forever…

The second key has been found, the group’s plan to end Omaren’s control of the reachforged has come to fruition, and now, time to jump through the planes has once again arrived. Omaren was successfully lured away during the brief coordinated attack on her facilities and is now being brought along with them on the next series of jumps. Glorian has made known his contempt for Omaren, and has often spoken about his plans to leave her behind, and preferably dead, on some distant plane. The rest of the group holds a similar amount of animosity towards her which has led a few of them to question why she would ever agree to come along with them.

The pressure of time has born down upon them though. The orientation of the moons has come into the prime path for this series. Solaruun has pushed for them to leave so that they have time to complete the tasks on this next series of jumps.

There are many questions that flood the minds of the group as they regroup in Solaruun’s house to enter into Shavarath. What will they face along the way? What will their actions affect in the prime? What have their actions in the prime done to change the surrounding planes? Will Omaren cause any problems along the way?

As the Occularum whirs to life, the keys are placed and the shimmering blue portal opens into the unknown.

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Two Stories Intertwined…

Selenaphobia is just one part of a concurrent campaign. Its matching half is called Demand of Supply. Demand of Supply is an Evil themed campaign in which we formed a troupe of Villans for our world. Selenaphobia focuses on a group of generally good heroes working to obliquely oppose the villainy of the evil group.