Chapter 1 - Shift, Shim, Sham...

Sharn looms on the horizon offering new opportunities and dangers.

The City of Towers / One In, One Out.

Solaruun, Glorian, and Frost watched over as the dockworkers loaded the last crates filled with the Ocularum’s vast array of mechanical parts on to the wind galleon that Glorian chartered using the winnings from his recent foray into bloodsport for pay. He had spent the last month insisting that they travel in style to join up with the rest of their party in Sharn.

Over the last months Glorian and Frost had formed a strong friendship as they bonded over strong drink and the money they made placing bets on Glorian’s performance in the Red Ring. Solaruun has spent the last months feverishly disassembling and taking inventory of his attic observatory. He had carefully packaged and sealed several of his maps, tomes, and tapestries in preparation for the long journey ahead. The past months had passed rather swiftly for all three of them. Now that their journey was upon them, time seemed to stretch out into lifetimes while as they made their way north.

The heat was relentless and showed no signs that it would allow much respite as the wind galleon arrived in Sharn. The City of Towers rose up from a great distance. The Skydeck of the city rose from a great distance. It looked like a floating island across the surface of the the ocean in the distance. Then below rose a forest of stone spires that stretched up, reaching for the cloud island of the Skydeck. The wind galleon pulled up to the dock and the porters set about the arduous task of unloading the ship. Eager to get a warm meal in their bellies and a soft bed under their bodies, Solaruun, Frost, and Glorian groaned as the dock clerk inspected the unloaded pieces of the Ocularum and compared the pieces with the ship’s manifesto. After what seemed like an eternity of signing and stamping, the threesome was allowed to leave the docking area and venture into the city.

After a short bit of inquery, Glorian and Frost were able to sus out the location of the strange young artificer. They found her in her new apartments near the Cannith Tower. She invited them in and they began to catch up.

Sera told them of her arrival in Sharn a few months ago with Selwin, Anemone and Exartash. Apparently, as they came to shore, Exartash calmly explained that the party’s motivations had become to chaotic and the slaughter of innocents that Glorian had led them into was more than he could abide. With little fanfare Exartash left Sera and Anemone standing at the docks.

Sera found accomodations near the Tower where she worked part time crafting items for other adventurers. She had also begun to take classes at Moregrave University to better understand the planes that they were to encounter. Anemone had taken up residence at the local Adventurers guild. She busied herself with a routine of drinking at the Dragon’s Roost, watching Hajzerak games, and showing off her scars to members of the guild. Selwin had ventured off to explore the city’s many arboretums, often being shooed out of them due to the guards mistaking him for a vagrant looking for a pleasant napping place. As Glorian and Frost began to excitedly recount Glorian’s victory in the Red Ring, there came a knock at the door. Sera went to answer it.

Emerging from behind the door was a metallic body. Clearly, one of the war forged that Sera had befriended during her time in Sharn thought both Frost and Glorian. As they got a better look at him though, they began to realize that he was different. His body did not have the same robust construction that was typical of his breed. Beyond that his upper torso was covered in strange glinting gems that were cut at odd facets casting an irregular shimmer across the floor as the light occasionally hit them. The machination turned to face Frost and Glorian, crooked his head slighly to the left and gave a small wave. Glorian gave a small, puzzled wave in return as Frost glared with a quizzical expression on his face.

“Who the hell is this?”, Glorian brashly demanded.
“I am an unnamed unit. No memories are contained with that information. I was either not given a designation or an unable to recall it at this time.”
The metal man continued in an even tone, devoid of any emotional inflection, “This small human child known has Sera has most frequently referred to me as ‘Shim’.”
“That’s short for ‘Mr. Shimmers’, because of the way that his jewels shimmer.”, Sera chimed in in her bright voice, her statement reminding both of the men in the room that Sera was still a child. Her valor and ingenuity often caused them to forget the fact that she was still so young but, occasionally her choice in dress and diction revealed her.

Points to still be covered:

  • The Unnamed machination, Sera’s new friend
  • New home for the Occularum
  • The Adventurer’s Guild / Death’s Gate Explorers Guild
  • Viva Nox
  • The A.A.R.P. Recovery
    • Testing The A.A.R.P
    • The Faded Forest / Observatory south of Nowhere
    • Glorian’s departure
    • Solaruun’s Progress / Divination #1
    • Valerian Vally, Jon, & Giant Fish
  • Completion of the new Occularum housing.



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