Amara Edison d'Cannith

A tall, lean woman with flowing red gold curls. She was chief artificer overseeing warforged creation in Cyre, and is mother to Sera.


Amara, wife of Kaine Edison, and mother to Sera was once the chief artificer in charge of warforged creation in Cyre durring the 980’s, but upon receiving word of her husbands disappearance in the wilds of Xen’Drik she relocates with her daughter to Stormreach where her father, Toven d’Cannith heads warforged research on the ancient continent.

In the fall of 990, with little warning, she rushed from the Citadel of the Twelve and into Xen’Drik’s wilds leaving only a short note stating “I found him!” She left with three warforged and hasn’t been seen since.

Amara Edison d'Cannith

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