Kovgam Slemonir

Smiths hammer with the least mark of making etched on one side, and a unique cat face on the other.


After recent enchanting, Kovgam Selmonir is now a + 1 smiths hammer granting an overall + 3 bonus to craft checks, and also counts as a small sized + 1 warhammer (1d6+1+STR x3) for anyone with 5 or more ranks in craft checks in which it would be used. (Armorsmithing, Blacksmithing, Metalworking, Weaponsmithing)


Sera forged this hammer to aid her in her craft. Covered in sweat and grime she etched into one side the Least Mark of Making and on the other her tag which looks like a cat version of O.o

She named the hammer Kovgam Slemonir, which roughly translates from Draconic as “Metal Shaper”.

Kovgam Slemonir

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