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Tracking The Shifts

There is change afoot. The party seeks to change the reality of the prime material plane and, in order to make sure the changes they make are working, they have compiled a collection of the various elements in their world. The content below covers all elements in the world that the party cares to keep tabs on.

Keep in mind that this collection is just half of the story. There is a collection of material that documents the development of great evil held within the Demand of Supply Wiki. These two stories shall intertwine as the battle for Eberron’s survival is waged.

The Players

The original call from Solaruun brought together a cast of diverse characters from all over Eberron. The shifts in the make up of the party will certainly have bearing on the changes they make as the cross the planes of the Multiverse. With that knowledge in mind, below is a roster of the current make up of the group. The loss of party members is chronicled with in the adventure logs of the group.

Current Party Members

Anemone Shadowborn of Clan Charix
Anemone Shadowborn of Clan Charix

A rugged and vicious shifter, barbarian from deep within the Eldeen Reaches. Anemone’s role in the group has been primarily as the muscle. Though she has been a boon to the group, she has an agenda of her own. Her time with the party has included many victorious battles and Anemone has the scars to prove it.

Delarrion Frost

Delarrion Frost

Delarrion, or “Frost” as he prefers to be called, is a very quiet and secretive person. The group accepted his help in Xen’drik when they were attempting to take down a Stormlord. Frost helped eagerly but he often seemed to harbor divergent motivators. He has proven handy and trustworthy during his time with the party. His unwillingness to be forthcoming about information regarding his background makes his fellow compatriots leery though.

Sera Kaylee Edison d'Cannith
Sera Kaylee Edison d’Cannith

From the time Sera was able to walk, she has been at home in the intense heat and noise of the Cannith forges. Her curiosity about the strange metal men that were once built within them led her to become a true friend of the warforged within her home town of Stormreach. Her time at the Citadel of the Twelve with her grandfather led to her becoming a skilled artificer. Her precocious talent has proven useful time and time again but, her youthful nature and wild innocence has brought some dangerous situations to bear on the party.


Shim is a bit of a mystery, even to himself. He met up with Sera during her first month of studies in Sharn. The shinning gems in his body along with his unique construction immediately piqued her interest. He had no recollection of his creation or any of his recent activities; Even his name was unknown to him. Sera decreed that he needed to be called something so until he found his name it would be “Mr. Shimmers”, or “Shim” for short. A friendship, or perhaps mutual curiosity, was started. Shim is often puzzled by the indirect, unpredictable, and illogical nature of the fleshlings in his company. The promise of learning more about their ways and the strange mission that they are on has led Shim to continue to adventure with the party.

Glorian Corleis d’Orien

Do you know who the F&%# he is?

Former Party Members

Viva Nox

The most recent addition to the party, Viva has still revealed very little about herself to the group. Though, to be fair, they have not pried. Her skill with a bow and her way with words has helped the group on several occasions. Despite her short time with the party, Viva has already accomplished her fair share and earned her proverbial keep. Unfortunately, she had to be offered up as a sacrifice to the Lumi to gain access to the Occularum in Irian. She narrowly survived the experience and was taken by the Lumi. None know if she still lives and, if she does, what state she is in.


As a child of the wilderness, Selwin’s experience with the civilized world has been a tumultuous one. He has come to tolerate the strange customs and practices of the city dwellers but only because it seems that the group he is traveling with will serve a greater purpose. Selwin’s strange ways and lack of refinement has created some awkward and challenging situations for the group. His lack of bathing and fondness for wild animals has created some challenging smells for the group as well.


Exartash was a strange one indeed. He was able to focus the powers of his mind to delve into the minds of others and even control their actions. His pursuit of knowledge and his love of law and goodness led to conflicts with the group’s dynamic of conducting business. Upon their arrival to Sharn, Exartash vanished into the masses and has not been seen for some time.

“I got this one in The Last War…”

Anemone has a host of scars and wounds and with them she presumably has some great battle stories. As part of her character page, create a catalog of all her “badges of honor” (or disgrace as it maybe in some cases). Include with each scar the battle story associated with it. Complete this to earn: 600xp, and a + 1 Natural armor bonus, from extensive scarification.


The World

The Party keeps close tabs on the world around them. It is, after all, the very essence of what they wish to change. As the party alters the planes of the multiverse, and thus the influence their corresponding moons have on this plane.

This collection is not meant to chronicle the entire realm, rather it is meant to track the changes that occur with in the world of Eberron. Each page should include: Initial impressions and general facts, a listing of important places, a listing of important people with a brief description of how and when you first encountered them, and lastly a Log of Changes along with possible reasons for that change. Only include places that members of the party have traveled to.

Please see the Greater Eberron Style Guide for details on how to format these pages when you add one.


  • Breland
    • Sharn
    • Valarean Vally
    • Wroat
    • Nowhere
      • Hidden Druidic Observatory (Key Location)
  • Eldeen Reaches


  • Northern Areas
    • Stormreach
      • The Harbor
        • The Boat House (Key Location)
      • The Bazaar
    • Solaruun’s Boat House Observatory
    • Qrragh’Rahel (Sahaugin Village)
    • Last Chance


This area has not yet been explored by the group.


This area has not yet been explored by the group.


This area has not yet been explored by the group, though it happens to be the birth place of Delarrion Frost


The Multiverse

The Prime Material Plane is a reflection of the many planes of existence that surround it. The Party has intent to make changes in the surrounding realities and thus influence the very fabric of reality on the prime material plane. Tracking the changes made will surely prove beneficial.

Click above to view the entire page, or click below to go directly to a specific plane.

The Perfect Order

The Faerie Court

The Azure Sky

The Battleground

The Plain of Ice

The Sea of Fire

The Endless Night

The Twilight Forest

The Churning Chaos

The Eternal Day

The Realm of the Dead

Dal Quor
The Region of Dreams

The Realm of Madness

- Solaruun’s Map of the Moons Planar Links, as recovered from a giant’s temple in Xen’drik.


Dates & Times

The passage of time can become hazy when traveling through the planes of existence. The area below contains important reminders as well as calenders to track the passage of the years, and what events those years brought with them.

A History of Evil.

This page will eventually feature a side by side timeline of the Current party and the Evil party they are attempting to thwart. As of now it is just a listing of the Evil Parties actions through their capture and possesion by a Daelkyr.



The World of Eberron is vast and diverse but, the things that truely give it flavor are the thoughts of the people of the world. In an effort to make a campaign that is fully immersive, There are scattered through out the wiki, characters, items, and adventure logs, a host of “Achievments” that you can earn by completing various world building activities. Each one will earn you/your character a set bonus. Bonuses may include, but are not limited too, XP, Items, Opening up new quests, and of course plenty of Galifars. Keep an eye out for the Die icon, it will provide details on what to do and how to claim your prize. Best of luck…

“Know the Signs.”

This is where the description for the Achievement will be. It will include all the requirements as well as the prize. But this is just an example. No XP here.

View a List of completed world building Achievements by player Here.



Any Extra things that don’t fit above…

An Index of Interesting Places and Fascinating People

An index of the wonderous cities and incredible places you can visit in Eberron, and the people you can meet on the way (under construction).

100 Things you should know about your character

A Comprihensive catalogue of questions that really flesh out your characters background. Fill out the entire survey and post it in the Fluff section of your Character Bio.

“Know Thy Self.”

A complete character makes the game far more interesting. Spend some time with your character and earn a 2000xp bonus in the process.

Completed: Sera Kaylee Edison d’Cannith ; Delarrion Frost ; Glorian Corleis d’Orien ;

Draconic Translator

Will translate from Common to Draconic, and back again. Great for cursing! si mi tisvelk sva vehaforir vi chikohk persvek Vs’shtak


This section includes the raw audio from all of the sessions of Selenaphobia. What is posted is available for instant download. Any previous episodes will be available upon request. Let me, SqueeEGA, know that you’re interested in more of the audio. I will then send you an invite to Dropbox. This will allow us to share files, and will provide me with greater cloud storage to provide the game audio and other related files. Thanks for your interest. O.o